Co2 friendly transportation and parking

How to get from the airport to SOFS Boutique Hotel



Taxi Aarhus

Aarhus Taxi has many electric cars and hydrogen cars, which is why we recommend this company.

Call yourself and ask for an electric car: 89 48 48 48 – and no, you don’t have to wait extra time for the electric cars.

At the reception, we can also be helpful during your stay.



From Aarhus Airport to Aarhus

The airport bus 925X runs directly from the airport to Aarhus Banegård, and the bus departures are adapted to the departures and arrivals of the planes. Check the schedule continuously, changes may occur.

You can buy a ticket on the bus with the following credit card if they have a chip:

Dankort, Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, V Pay, JCB, China Union Pay and American Express.


The timetable is available online at




From Billund airport to Aarhus

Airport bus 912X runs directly from Billund Airport to Aarhus Rutebilstation.

You can buy a ticket on the bus with the most common credit cards – see above.


The timetable is available online at




From Banegården to SOFS Boutique Hotel


When you get off the airport bus, you can easily find a city bus that runs close to the hotel.


Banegårdspladsen/Park Allé is a hub in Aarhus for buses. Here you will find several buses that run to Klostertorv, which is close to the hotel.

Take, for example, bus 1A, 2A, 3A or 4A

Bus 3A also has a stop at Aarhus Rutebilstation


Another option is to Letbanen Line L2 from Banegården to Nørreport. From Nørreport, it takes 5 minutes to walk to the hotel.



You can also choose to walk from the railway station to the hotel. It is a pleasant walk through the city and takes 15 – 20 minutes.


Vidste du, at el-biler parkerer gratis i 3 timer på gaden i Aarhus?

Du kan orientere dig herunder om, hvordan du får gratis timer.

Skal du have opladet din bil under opholdet, kan du ligeledes nedenfor finde hjælpsom information

 Clever ladestandere

  • Musikhuset Aarhus, Aros Allé: 2000 m fra SOFS
  • ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Aros Allé 2: 502 m
  • DOKK1, Hack Kampmanns Plads 2: 942 m
  • Domkirkepladsen: 550 m

E.On ladestandere

  • Klostergade 43: 850 m
  • Ceres Allé 2: 2000 m
  • Hjarnøgade 5: 1200 m
  • Vesterbro Torv 15: 1000 m

Har du yderligere spørgsmål omkring El-bil parkering her i Aarhus, henviser vi dig til denne side, som virkelig har meget god information, synes vi: Aarhus e-bil information